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Eco Estate

Brand conception, corporate identity & web design


Eco Estate
Brand conception | Corporate Identity | Web design



Complete art direction and brand conception from the initial naming and visual/corporate identity of the agency including the logo, color and typographic world. Part of the identity are print materials, digital assets and the web presence. Eco Estate is a consulting agency that is specialised on ecological construction and renovation projects in the real estate realm.

The transformation of existing properties into energy-efficient, sustainable buildings is one of the most important steps towards climate neutrality and the basis for value retention. Keeping track of the frequently changing requirements and legal regulations is a challenge that should not be underestimated.
In the case of unrenovated real estate, enormous losses in value must be expected in the coming years and decades. Action is therefore required not only out of conviction, but also to minimize the economic risk. Demolition and new construction is not always the most economical solution. In addition, enormous amounts of CO2 are released in the process.

ECO ESTATE GmbH, a foundation of the project developer Groß & Partner and the pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG, advises and accompanies clients on the way to climate and sustainability goals.

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